Onyx’s new Boox Palma is the smallest e-reader

Looking for an e-reader that combines the convenience of a smartphone with the immersive reading experience of an e-reader? Look no further than the Boox Palma by Onyx. This innovative device redefines portability and functionality, offering a host of features in a compact design.

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With a screen size of just 6.13 inches, the Boox Palma is the smallest e-reader on the market. Despite its size, it packs a punch with an E-Ink Carta 1200 display, ensuring crisp and high-definition visuals. The 824 x 1648 pixel resolution brings your favorite books to life, offering an immersive reading experience.

Onyx doesn’t compromise on performance either. The Boox Palma is equipped with its proprietary Boox Super Refresh Technology, ensuring smooth scrolling and optimal performance while navigating through your favorite e-books. You can enjoy seamless reading without any lag or interruptions.


The Boox Palma blurs the line between mobile devices and e-readers with its smartphone-like design. The device features power and volume buttons on the right side, a microSD card slot on the left, and even a 16MP camera on the back. While the camera may not rival the capabilities of a high-end smartphone, it allows you to capture moments and document your reading journey in greyscale.

One of the unique aspects of the Boox Palma is its software. In addition to reading e-books, you can use the device to access subscribed RSS feeds, use the calendar app, and even connect to social media platforms for posting, messaging, and voice calls. While the absence of color may limit the visual experience, it adds a nostalgic touch reminiscent of traditional books.

Under the hood, the Boox Palma is powered by an eight-core CPU from Qualcomm, providing a seamless and responsive user experience. With 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, you’ll have ample space to store your favorite e-books, documents, and media. The 3,950 mAh battery ensures long-lasting usage, estimated to last about a week on a single charge.

Despite its smartphone-like features, the Boox Palma is not a phone. It doesn’t support SIM cards or eSIM chips, emphasizing its primary purpose as an e-reader. However, its slim and compact design makes it an ideal companion for bookworms on the go. Slip it into your pocket or purse, and you’ll always have your entire library at your fingertips.

The Boox Palma has already gained popularity, with the Early Adopter Edition selling out quickly. Priced competitively, the e-reader offers incredible value for its compact size and impressive features. Keep an eye out for its availability as Onyx updates their stock.

Best E-Readers @ Amazon

If you’re in search of a slim e-reader that combines portability, functionality, and an exceptional reading experience, the Boox Palma is the perfect choice. Embrace the future of reading with this innovative device and embark on endless literary adventures wherever you go.

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